Arkansas-Penrose Pipeline Project

Project Now Complete

2018-09-03Updated: 2023-08-19 Penrose Water District

The pipeline and pumping station of the Arkansas-Penrose Pipeline Project was completed on September 3, 2015. The pipeline system allows us to convey District-owned water from the Arkansas River to storage at Brush Hollow Reservoir, or to the water treatment plant for direct use as needed. 

The project included the construction of headgate wells along the Arkansas River for diversions, a booster pump station, and approximately seven miles of piping. Additional work to construct an augmentation station (measuring facility) was completed at the end of December 2015. The project cost was approximately $4,665,000.00.

The Project provides Penrose Water  District the ability to utilize water it owns on the Arkansas River, which is an amount sufficient to meet the in-house use of the current residents within the District. Penrose Water District has been able to operate without any water restriction for the past seventeen years.

Coupled with the water supplied from Beaver Creek and water stored by Penrose, this project will help to insure that customers can freely utilize water to enjoy their unique agrarian lifestyle into the future.