Notice on Accessory Dwelling Units

Sale of Water Taps

2022-05-20Updated: 2023-08-19 Penrose Water District

The Fremont County Board of Commissioners allows the construction of Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) within Fremont County. Those considering construction of ADUs within the boundaries of the Penrose Water District, and that are taking service from our system, are advised that, effective December 13, 2021, the sale of water taps is strictly limited to one tap per nominal 5-acre legally defined property.

This excludes the originally platted Town of Penrose area which contains smaller, denser lots, and excluding any subdivisions smaller than nominal 5-acres which had purchased a tap, availability letter or availability contract and been approved as subdivisions prior to December 13, 2021. 

The Penrose Water District continues to implement its long-standing policy of requiring that every structure certified for occupancy must have a separate meter. Servicing two dwellings with one meter (interconnecting) is a direct violation of policy and could subject the meter to disconnection.

We recognize that the construction of a well to service one, or both, of the dwellings, is an option, however, if the property has service from our system (a water tap),  the connections to the dwellings are subject to inspection by the Penrose Water District to ensure that there is not an interconnect of the dwellings.